Sunday, 12 June 2016

Kylie LipKits || Pros and Cons

Hello Everyone!

Back in mid-May I ordered 2 LipKits! It is safe to say I was incredibly excited!! That may be an understatement.  I have always been a huge fan of the Karjenner family and Keeping up with Kardashians is a Sunday night must watch. An avid watcher of their ever changing looks and styles including Kylie's famous pout. It is safe to say I was rather eager to try these LipKits.
The kits took the standard 2 weeks to deliver but sadly I got a hefty custom notice. Jolly Good. Cosidering I spent £50 on lipkits and delivery, I wasn't too happy to spend an extra £16 custom fee, not Kylie Cosmetics' fault though!

So, are these lippies actually worth it?


Highly Pigmented - Props to Kylie because both the liner and lipstick are incredibly pigmented, one swipe across the bottom and top lip is definitely enough.

There is a Colour for everyone - there is a shade for every skin tone. I'm incredibly pale, 2 shades lighter than Caspar. and both KoKo K and Candy K fit me fine. I much prefer Candy K personally.

LipLiner is a product that fell from heaven - OK, maybe a slight exaggeration but it is so smooth and easy to apply, not gritty, very pigmented and really helps to keep the liquid lipstick on a lot longer.

Love the packaging

Vanilla Cupcake scent - I think this a marmite situation, you either love the scent or you hate it. personally I love it, but I am a huge sweet kind of girl!

So easy to apply - The applicator is amazing and allows for a super smooth application, distributes product evenly and able to get to the corners of the lips for a clean finish.

Long lasting and lightweight - if you eat what i call Lipstick safe foods and drinks, then you are good to go for 4 hours! However, Greasy foods don't get on well with the lipstick!! But, I can honestly say I don't feel like I'm wearing anything on my lips when i wear these! So lightweight and not sticky on the lips!!

Vegan - YAY for no animal testing and containing no animal products! (excluding Candy K).


Sharpening can be a no go - I attempted to sharpen my KoKo K liner for the first time, I made the mistake of using an older sharpener, half my liner is gone!!! I bought a new sharpener and that worked a lot better but i think it is due to the fact that the liner is so creamy! I might experiment and put the liner in the freezer for a while before sharpening. I'll let you know how I get on with that on! lol

No stopper on the liquid lipstick! - This probably bugs me more than it should but so much product comes off onto the applicator (and you don't need much, honestly), so I have to scrape it on the rim and then it becomes a bit messy and...and...and we all have our quirks!!

Shipping Costs HURT - $15 delivery is understandable considering it's international but still that on top of the actual cost of the kits and the chance of a custom fee is a lot to pay for some lipkits. And of course the more kits you order the less shipping will be per kit, yet it's still a lot of money!

Gloss applicators Fray - personally I haven't ordered any glosses yet but I have seen when they were first released the brushes were frayed when people received them. Kylie Cosmetics being criticized for bad quality control they then sent out brand new applicators to all the people who ordered the glosses, but I have seen people who have recently ordered the glosses, their brushes still fray a little. Just something to be aware of.

Lipliner is needed - from personal experience and also a few others have said this but you pretty much need the liner for lipstick to stay on the lips, it usually starts to rub off pretty patchy without the liner.

Darker shades are blotchy - I'm particularly talking about Kourt K, Kylie admitted herself that it is hard for darker shades to not dry patchy, that's still something to be a little wary about!

Packaging is obvious - the box the kits are delivered in make it so obvious what they are and also it states what products you have ordered on the box too. Making it tempting for any thiefs out there, and there have actually been kits stolen etc. But then again, the box is all about the excitement and it is added value, it looks great. However, I believe that recently Kylie has changed the packaging to a plain black box and the detailing on the inside to prevent theft!


Would the lipkits be as hyped up, popular and in demand if Kylie's name wasn't on the front of the products? Potentially, but considering the price, I do think you are buying the brand Kylie Jenner name. Personally, I wont be buying these kits very often purely because of the total price, if Kylie brings out another colour that would suit my skin tone then I would definitely consider!

All I have to say is don't buy into the hype, don't feel pressured to buy one, there are some great dupes out there, a lot of the NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick are a great alternative and a lot more accessible, also ColourPop have some really great liquid lipsticks, these are both a lot cheaper!!

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